Dear customers,

It was in Summer 2012, I got a phone call from the architect  to see the ancient farmer's house he’d found, and immediately fell in love with the almost-one-hundred-year-old house ambiance.                                                                   I thought to myself, we can really do something, express something here.                                                                 

We would attempt to define a new type of Awaji-island's cuisine  through the local produce. And that’s how we began, with a very strict rule to only use the ingredients from our island, and with the twenty-four seasons of the Japanese lunar calendar called Nijuushisekki.

We offer a different course in each of Nijuushi(twenty-four) sekkii, using  each of the different seasonal ingredient.             Please feel this island, eat this island.

We have thought what it means to be a chef in Awaji island.

Chef,   Koki yonemura